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liquid cbd ireland
cirrular road
ballina co mayo
F26 Fk74
phone number int.0035383402527 ie.0834072527
comapny reg number. 622590
vat number.ie1863785p

All of our products are lab tested by the Industry’s best.


Q: What is CBD?
A: CBD or “cannabidiol” is a compound found in Hemp plants known as a “cannabinoid”. CBD has no psychoactive effects.
Q: Does CBD get you high?
A: No. CBD has no psychoactive effects, therefore it does not get you high.
Q: What is Hemp?
A: Hemp is a plant which contains high amounts of naturally occurring cannabinoids, such as CBD. It can contain THC as well, but generally in very low trace amounts.
Q: Where is our Hemp farmed?
A: Our Hemp is farmed in Colorado, under compliance of the 2018 Farm Act. It is grown certified organic.
Q: Will CBD show up in a Drug Test?
A: No. CBD will not show up in a standard drug test. Most drug tests are only screening for the more common cannabinoid, THC. Unless the drug test is specifically testing for CBD, it will not register.